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Blend photos, add photo captions,
Create Amazing Photos

BlendMaster enables you to blend photos and add photo
album captions to create amazing images from ordinary
pictures. You can blend several photos using any
combination of 27 blend modes each with its own opacity.
You can also blend your photos with any of our color
combinations to create your own special effects.
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Blend Photos and/or add blended photo captions with a few taps and see the
effects of applying all available blend modes on one slider!

  • Blend several images using 27 Blend modes, each with its own
  • Add photo captions to your images using any of 16 blend modes: You can
    use finger gestures to resize, rotate, or move your caption(s). You can
    also change the blend mode and opacity/strength of any caption.
  • See the effect of applying all of the available blend modes on one slider!
  • Apply any of our color combinations to your photos for stunning images!
  • Share your photos by email or upload to Facebook
  • Supports both Portrait and Landscape modes
  • Blended images with no captions are saved at original resolution (up to
    iPhone camera resolution). Images that include captions are saved at
    lower resolution.
BlendMaster  is featured in the US iTunes App
Store/Photography "New & Noteworthy" section