Kayvon Group
FotoMaster v1.4
All-In-One Multifunction camera app with
the Most Features:

  • Captions(text, emotions, scribbles, sketches, clip arts)
  • Filters
  • Create cutouts that selectively brings back the original
    colors of parts of your photo
  • Combine photos
  • Crop
  • Stretch horizontally or/and vertically
  • Make collages
  • Borders
  • Date Stamp
  • Anti-Shake
  • Repeat Timer
  • Big Button
  • Grid Lines
  • Up to 5x Zoom
  • Quick Shots
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FotoMaster is a multifunction Camera & photo editing application for the iPhone
& iPod touch. It combines the most popular camera and photo editing features
into one. It's the Swiss army knife of the iPhone photography!

FotoMaster has many photo editing and camera features that enables you to
create unique pictures quickly and easily.  

We have included a number of camera features to help you take better photos:
  • Take up to 7 full resolution shots quickly while previous photos are being
    processed and saved, so that you don't have to wait and miss the next
  • Date Stamp
  • Up to 5x zoom.
  • Anti-Shake stabilization helps reduce blurring of your photos due to
    camera movement.
  • Big button enables you to take shots by touching the screen.
  • Repeat Timer lets you take delayed group photos. It also enables you to
    take up to 8 full resolution photos at 1 second to 5 minute intervals.
  • Option to superimpose grid lines on the screen to enable you to align
  • Preview: Automatically save your photos or set a preview delay of 2 -10
    seconds where you can preview your photos and decide whether to
    delete or keep them.
  • Saves original pictures taken by iPhone at full camera resolution
  • You can browse up to 20 photos after taking shots
  • Video Features:
  • Record videos (iPhone 3GS, 4 & new iPod) at 3 different resolutions
  • Playback videos from the Photo Album

In addition you can:
  • Share photos via email
  • Add Captions:
  • Clip Arts: A large number of clip arts and emotions to decorate
    your photos
  • Text: Create text of various fonts and colors
  • Photos: Add other photos, parts of other photos, and create
  • Sketch: Write a note, make a sketch, or draw with your finger
  • You can change the opacity of captions. You can also alter the size
    and orientation of most captions using finger gestures or sliders.
  • Add Borders:
  • Choose from 4 borders using your favorite color
  • Apply Filters:
  • Sepia, Black & White, or inverted
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, hue, or colorize
  • Create Cutouts:
  • Once you have edited your photo you can create cutouts that
    selectively bring back the original color of parts of your photo.
  • FotoMaster does not limit you to creating cutouts only from black &
    white pictures; it allows you to create cutouts from any
    effect/filter/color adjustment provided by FotoMaster. You can
    convert your photos to Black & White, Sepia, inverted, or apply any
    combination of photo adjustments above and then create cutouts
    that could result in stunning results.
  • 4 different paint & erase modes help you create the desired cutout
    quickly. Use your finger as a brush or choose rectangle or oval
    masks to create cutouts exactly where you want them effortlessly.
  • Up to 8x zoom help you achieve the desired accuracy. Use 1-2
    finger gestures to zoom in & out and to move to different parts of a
    zoomed photo.
  • Combine Photos:
  • You can also cut part(s) of an image and combine them with other
  • Create cutouts from your photos and save them as stamps for later
  • Quickly and easily combine pictures by creating cutout stamps and
    using them to decorate a photo or to switch parts of your
  • Use the same tools as the cutout tool to create photo stamps
  • Resize Photos:
  • Crop
  • Stretch photos vertically or horizontally for fun effects(e.g. make a
    person taller and thinner or vice versa)