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Sketch, Cutouts, Frames, Captions
Create Amazing Photos

SketchMaster enables you to make sketches quickly and
create amazing photos that are part sketch and part
original color. To make it even more interesting you can
add captions and frames and create your own
masterpiece. You can change the whole photo to a sketch,
use your finger to sketch parts of the picture, or use our
caption frame & sketch combinations for unique and
dramatic effects. You can also create gray color splash
photos quickly.
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Adjustable pen, eraser, shapes, and zoom features make anything possible and
easy to achieve. You can also choose from 3 different effects: basic sketch,
sketch plus which is adjustable, and black and white. SketchMaster makes
sketching fun and converts ordinary pictures into stunning photos!

  • Create pictures that are part Sketch
  • Create selective desaturation (Color Splash) effects
  • Add Frames and Captions
  • Share your photos by email or upload to Facebook
  • Watch in app demo videos
  • 4 different sketch modes with adjustable sizes to enable you to create
    cutouts quickly and easily
  • 3 different effects, 2 sketch effects and black and white. One of the sketch
    modes is adjustable and enables you to customize the sketch your way
  • Make your creation and switch between effects effortlessly
  • Save your sessions and resume your work at a later time
  • Supports both Portrait and Landscape editing modes
  • Zoom feature enables you to refine your work and bring out the details
  • Sketches with no captions are saved at original resolution (up to iPhone
    camera resolution). Sketches that include captions are saved at lower
SketchMaster was featured in the iTunes App
Store/Photography "What's Hot" section

SketchMaster  was featured in the iTunes App
Store/Photography "New & Noteworthy" section